SQUADS (as of January 1st, 2021)

Please find information about assessments and joining here. Swimmers can join at any time; fees may be calculated pro-rata.

Please note that squad training fees do not include Valley Pool entrance fees.


Ability: Must be able to swim 25m Freestyle & Backstroke and have at a minimum a basic understanding of Butterly Kick & Breaststroke.

Goals: Bridge from Learn to Swim to Squad training. Have fun while developing a foundation of competitive swimming techniques & skills.

Competitions: Target Junior & Transition meets at coach's recommendation.

Minimum age: 5

Sessions available per week: 3 x 45 mins(recommended attendance at least 2)

Quarterly fee: $210

Junior Squad

Ability: Must be able to swim at least 50m Freestyle, Backstroke & Breastroke, and 25m Butterfly. Understanding of Individual Medley.

Goals: Develop advanced racing skills (starts, turns, finishes). Learn Individual Medley training on a regular basis. Consolidate competitive swimming technique in all strokes. Improve specific swimming endurance.

Competitions: Represent Commercial at club meets, target Brisbane & QLD Champs.

Minimum age: 7

Sessions available per week: 5 x 60 mins (75 mins when dry land)

Quarterly fee: $270

Intermediate Squad

Ability: Must be able to swim at least 200m Freestyle & IM, 100 Backstroke & Breastroke, and 50m Butterfly. Represent Commercial at club meets, target Brisbane & QLD Champs.

Goals: Achieve consistency in training attendance. Fine-tune competitive swimming techniques and racing skills. Use Individual Medley training as a prime method of physical conditioning.

Minimum age: 10

Sessions available per week: 6 x 90 mins (2 hrs when dry land)

Quarterly fee: $300

Senior Squad

Ability: Registered competitive swimmers targeting State and National Championships.

Goals: Achieve consistency in both training and racing performances. Fully utilize Individual Medley and distance Freestyle as the primary training method. Achieve Finals, Top 5, and medal performances at all levels of competition.

Minimum age: 12

Sessions available per week: 9 x 2hrs (2.5 hrs when dry land)

Quarterly fee: $390

Adult Squad

Ability: Train for 1 hour (approx. 2km). Prior squad training desirable. Fitness and competitive swimmers welcome.

Goals: Improve fitness.

Minimum age: 18

Sessions available per week: 2 x 60 mins -- SUBJECT TO EXPRESSION OF INTEREST.

Fee: $120 per 10 session pass; $15 casual pass


Should we receive adequate expressions of interest, lunchtime training sessions will also be offered to the adult squad. If you would like to see these times added to our schedule, please contact us!

Private Coaching

Ability: The pool is 2m deep, so swimmers must be able to swim 25m independently.

Minimum age: 5

Sessions available per week: by appointment. Please contact us.

Fee: $45 per 30 mins

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